Guide to Choose Mattress Toppers

A mattress topper, is also known as mattress pad, mattress cover, a thin mattress you lay on an existing mattress. More and more people want to buy a mattress topper to enhance their sleep comfort. There are many types of mattress topper, however, memory foam mattress topper is the most popular and receive the highest recommendations. There are five main reasons to purchase a mattress topper.

5 Reasons to purchase a mattress topper

1.Upgrading existing mattress

If your current mattress is less supportive or gets a light form of pit formation, you can equip it with a topper. Especially, innerspring mattresses tend to lose shape when the top layers are flattened. A topper improves support of the mattress so you will experience greater comfort and reduces pressure points. At least 15 percent of the owners reported that their mattress topper provide them with more comfort and better sleep. In that sense, a best memory foam mattress topper is a wise investment rather than buying for a new mattress.

2. Changing the firmness of your mattress

Toppers are not just for older mattresses. If your new mattress does not quite suit your personal requirement in terms of firmness (you may buy a little too hard mattress), you can choose a topper solution that can make the mattress a bit softer.

3. Improving weight distribution and support

A memory foam mattress topper can not only improve the comfort of a mattress but also provide more support or better weight (pressure) by helping to reduce back pain.

4. Makes one whole mattress still two different hardnesses

If two people of different weights or preference for hardness still want just one mattress, then two different mattress toppers will be helpful. You can then determine the hardness individually by taking mattress toppers in two different hardnesses.

5. Hygiene

A mattress topper keeps the underlying mattress cleaner. Usually, the ticking of the topper is detachable so you can easily wash it regularly. The wash of ticking of the mattress is much more difficult because it is larger and less easy to be done around the mattress core.

Disadvantages of mattress toppers

There are three main reasons why people who are intending to buy mattress topper need to think twice:

1.Limited effectiveness

While a mattress topper can improve much in especially older mattresses, it’s not a perfect product. If your mattress does not sleep well anymore because indentation is created, a mattress topper will offer only limited help.

2. Wrong size

Many people report that their mattress topper is not exactly the same size as the mattress. This is most common in latex toppers and polyether toppers. The right size is important because if the topper is too large, this causes problems with formatting. If it is too small, you lose bed space because you can not get on the edge of your mattress.

3. Topper is not securely

Because a topper is not fully integrated part of the bed, it can be shifted. About 5% of owners reported this problem. This is easy to solve by laying down the stopper with a flannel under blanket.

Mattress topper’s types

1. Cold foam mattress topper

Advantage: Cold foam mattress covers remain quite cool in the summer, well ventilated and provide additional support. They are generally long.
Disadvantage: Can make the current mattress harder.

2. Memory foam mattress topper

Advantage: Perhaps, memory foam mattress toppers offer the most comfort, although this is highly dependent on the density and the quality.
Disadvantage: Memory foam toppers can offer (especially at high densities of over 60 kg / m3) extra warmth.

3. Down mattress topper

Advantage: Generally effective in relieving a firm mattress.
Disadvantage: Can go on accumulating and reduces ventilation. Also, down-filled toppers usually do not provide a separate mattress cover so that it is not washable.

4. Latex mattress topper

Advantage: Latex toppers give soft support and an above-average relief if you have pain when lying down.
Downside: Too hard for some owners. Expensive in comparison to other types, is relatively warm and less good ventilation.

5. Fiber mattress topper

Advantage: Generally effective in relieving a firm mattress. Low priced. Smooth and light.
Downside: Too thin and lumpy for some owners. Shaking or whipping can be necessary to maintain the extra comfort.

6. Wool mattress topper

Advantage: Keep you quite cool in summer and warm in winter. Natural product. Generally durable and long lasting.
Disadvantage: It usually can not be washed and often give a barnyard smell.

Above are some general information of mattress topper. Hope you choose a suitable one for your family!

How to Choose the Righ Architect?

When you want to build a new house, you are legally obliged to appoint an architect for this. An architect, however, should not only be seen as an obligation but rather a necessity. Because the architect has some very important tasks during the construction works, it is important to deal with the right architect for your new construction.

Why you must have an architect?

For all constructions which a building permit is required, an architect must be appointed, for example when you want to build a new house.

How to choose the right architect?

The ideal place to start the search for an architect is the world wide web. Through the website you can find top 100 architects. Or, you can search by province or your local place. Also check the architect’s personal Web site, here you can usually find several references.

Also take into account the style of your house when searching for an architect. Most architects have a certain style of drawing. One is mainly of rural dwellings, the other draws sleek and modern. Find a style that you feel good, and make your choice of architect base on this.

If you wish to continue to work with a particular architect, it is important to talk to a few reference sources. You can find references in the Internet through websites, but you can also go look at homes where the architect worked on. Please feel free to make contact with the owner of the house. With luck, he’ll certainly want to give some information about the collaboration with the architect.

What Should You Do before Re-locating Your Home?

You move. Where do you actually think at all? It is useful to make an action plan in advance. This can save you time and money. Think of selling excess stuff. Understanding the timeline also prevents stress and awkward choices. If you have a good schedule, you will have more time to negotiate furniture, carpets and curtains as well.

Preliminary Information

Because the personal situation, as well as the demand of new location of each family, are various, so go by yourself whether you do not forget anything. Check the rental house in advance because otherwise unpleasant surprises can come to be! Consider also taking over a number of issues.

A few months before: create a schedule

If you have long know in advance that you are going to move, you can run your schedule well. Make at least one planning for the long, medium and short term. Because you have time, so you can try to negotiate the price of furniture, carpeting and window treatments. You also have the time to do price comparisons. It is certainly wise to take stock at what you really going to bring when you get your new home. In any case, take the measurements of your new home, then you know for sure that everything fits. In addition, this preparation can help you in ordering all flooring and window coverings.

Clean up

District Heating – Operation, Advantage & Disadvantage

We are always busy looking for new and environmentally friendly ways to heat our homes. Many people choose to heat with gas and install a condensing boiler, a solar water heating with others. In some parts of the Netherlands, it is also offered district heating. This environmentally friendly way of heating is very popular. The industry’s waste heat is used for hundreds of thousands of families and businesses with heat and hot water. But how does district heating work? And is it really as environmentally friendly as it is told? And what about the costs?

What is district heating?

District heating is an alternative way of heating in which there is no use is made of gas. The residual heat that remains in power plants, factories or incineration is used to heat homes. It also uses heat generated by the earth itself, such as geothermal energy. Both households and businesses can be connected to district heating. When heating is used to heat a building complex, it is called block via a collective heating boiler.


In the 70s and 80s, they started with the construction of district heating networks. In 2014, district heating networks were connected to approximately 280,000 households in the Netherlands on these environmentally friendly way of heating.

How does district heating work?

Cost of Living on Your Own

One day, you want to leave your parents’ home and look for a place for yourself. You might want to rent rooms or try to look for a nice apartment or house. Until now, you likely do not have pressure to make the rent, insurance and groceries. But when you decide to leave alone, what cost you have to think when you first go yourself?

House Renting or mortgage
Unless you live somewhere for free, you pay rent or mortgage. Most people who live alone for the first time will first go rent a house. Of course, the amount of rent depends on the place where you will live and the type of home you are going to inhabit. In general, the expense of a minimum rent is about 350 euros per month.

Health insurance
The amount of your insurance depends on the society in which you take out the insurance and the extent of insurance. A basic insurance is mandatory for everyone and can be expanded with an additional insurance. Calculate the basic minimum of 70 euros per month.

Gas, water, Light
Once you start living on your own, you are going to cook, shower and electricity consumption (lights, TV, computer, etc.). These costs, of course, you pay yourself. Gas, water and electricity consumption will cost you a minimum of 45 euros per month.

The costs of telephony are totally independent of consumption and the type of phone you want. If you just have a simple phone and a sim-only subscription, it may cost you 10 euro per month. If you prefer a trendy smartphone then, the costs quickly on to at least 30 euros per month.